Why I still like C and strongly dislike C++

This comes up in my conversations surprisingly often so I thought it’s worth to write my thoughts down instead of repeating them again and again.

As it is common with C programmers, C was not my first nor my last language, but I still like it and when I have to write programs I do it in C. Meanwhile I try to be aware of modern (and not so modern) programming languages and their trends and write my own multimedia-related hobby project in Rust. So why I have not moved to anything else yet and how C++ comes to all this?

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I don’t mean to sound negative, but there is a LOT of bad stuff in this article, and then I then I hit:

I can’t imagine why it should not be allowed if not for hindering compiler optimisations (it can’t be an alignment issue).

The fact that the author doesn’t even realize how broken this is means they don’t actually understand the hardware (x86 by their own admission) that they program for. This person just seems to be advertising that they don’t actually not understand ‘why’ other languages do things the way they do, but why so many constructs in C are inherently broken, even on the architecture that they themselves program for. This article is so full of misinformation that is hurts… >.>


Can we just agree on hating both C and C++? :grimacing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes, we can definitely agree on that one! :joy: