Why didn't you get a Mac?

I know it’s generally down to personal preference, but those preferences can be interesting - and perhaps any misconceptions can be cleared up. So for those who didn’t get a Mac, why not?

(Cost is a perfectly valid reason btw - Apple hardware is expensive, and for many that cost is hard to justify… although I am sure many of us may help explain why that cost was justifiable to us…)

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m1 thinkpads, how soon that would be?

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I switched from Linux to Mac OSX when they started to use Darwin Kernel.

I liked the screen quality, user experience and longevity. I could keep my iMac for ten years without problem.

But it recently broke and fixing it is a nightmare :slight_smile: Not so user friendly when it comes to change internal components.

As I don’t use any Mac software, don’t play music, don’t edit video I am completely at ease on Linux, and will wait if new chipset is worth on desktop Mac too.

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Well at work I was offered one and I refused it, I just asked for them to give me a machine for the platform I would be programming for.

So, I was doing on the time APIs in PHP to run in Linux servers, thus I got a Dell desktop where I installed Ubuntu 14.04 :slight_smile:

Another reason I reject Macs is because I hate being locked to a vendor.

I care about the quality of what I buy, and I usually buy in the high end band, provided I am not paying exorbitant prices for being from brand X. Also, I don’t pay for overpriced items just to get a little more quality, and it’s not a question of money for me, because I can buy easily a Mac, and after all I refused one at work.

I recognize that Macs seems to have the best image quality, but no way I will pay that overpriced values for it, be with Apple or any other brand, but maybe I would pay if I was a designer, photographer or video editor.

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