Which vertical monitor do you use?

I’m thinking of buying a monitor that I can rotate to use as a vertical monitor?
Also, I want to know if someone is using it for programming and how does it help you?


Well I’ve just checked and I am pleasantly surprised to see that my LG5K can be used vertically! I think two of these side by side in vertical position could work quite well! I might try it one day - thanks for the idea, haha!


I’m using two HP Z27 4K monitors on a double arm (just Amazon Basics). The central monitor is horizontal and the second is vertical.

I find it nice for having a browser for reference and another browser or terminal for output or preview. Depending on what I’m up to. It doesn’t go as wildly off to the right as it would in horizontal mode so I find it more useful.


My monitor can rotate, but it hasn’t been produced in years (Which saddens me…).

I forget the exact model number (I can check it next time I’m home if curious), but it’s an HP, 25", IPS, 1920x1200, can rotate horizontal or vertical, built-in USB2.0 USB hub (like 6 ports, this is pre-3.0), a multitude of ports, which is super useful because it can even do picture-in-picture!

I’ve been looking for a replacement monitor with the features of it I use at anywhere near the price I paid for it, but I’ve been failing at that so far… :frowning:


You should go for ASUS VN279QL 27" Full HD 1920x1080 Display.

My experience:

The main reason I got this was for the amazing swivel stand it comes with that allows you to use the monitor vertically. Essentially this will help me look at lists on excel and scour reddit posts (among other things) way more effectively with the long portrait mode screen. Attached is a photo of the monitor on the left and how it fits in with the setup. I can see this being extremely useful for coding, web designing and basically anything that requires viewing of long lists for reference and comparison. It’s definitely made my work setup more efficient while freeing up some desk space as opposed to having another horizontal monitor.

Note: Monitor recommended by Tenrater

My Vertical Monitor Setup


What’s a vertical monitor? Lol.


One that ‘stands up’ in ‘portrait’ mode, like the one in the left of the image above :smiley:

Aww, but I’d be losing resolution… :frowning:

1080p is just not as nice from a mathematical perspective for me as 1920x1200 is, plus I’d get a square monitor if it were possible, mmmm, 2048x2048 or 4096x4096, lol.

Looks nice though, I’ll keep it in mind to check its features later. ^.^

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Not square as you want, but I am thinking in buying this one:

The vertical position:

And it supports daisy chain:

And you can alternate between 2 computers:

The upgraded version is this one:


Not sure if is worth the difference… It’s twice the price :wink:

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I recommend a 16:10 display, I think there are at least 1920x1200 resolution displays out there. Those are really nice in portrait.


I use my LG 29’ Ultrawide with a NB F80. I really recommend that arm!


You will have to post pics for us Cristine :blush: I almost bought that arm too, haha!

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Please, ignore my “organization” :smiley:
I love how I can easily change the position, angle or orientation of the monitor using the arm


Looks awesome Cristine!

Is that a trackball? Which one is it?


No, that’s a Logitech MX Vertical. But I’m also considering a trackball, probably the MX Ergo Plus to switch between them depending on what’s hurting :smiley:


I have considered one like the one Aston posted here but only just for the heck of it! What are the benefits of trackballs? Accuracy or? :face_with_monocle:


They are recommended for people with tendonitis or other similar problems. And also as a way of prevention. Or simply if you like them! Trackballs are not very good regarding accuracy.