Which mouse do you have?

What is your mouse currently?

What technology is your mouse? Bluetooth? Wireless? or Wired?

Gamer Mouse or not? what is your opinion about?

Ergo Mouse or not? what is your opinion about?

Would you recommend it? Why?

What will your next keyboard be?

Pics always welcome :nerd_face:


My actual mouse its Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse.

Good grip, but his body is very light.

It may take a little time to adapt to use.

His optical sensor doesn’t work on all surfaces and it’s only for righties, if you use your mouse with your left hand this is not the type of mouse for you.
PS: a few months ago I broke my wrist and it was really bad to use it with my left hand.

Some are rubberized and I don’t really like that kind of approach.

It has an internal battery and I feel its very fast charging and its battery resist for a long time to use.

My next mouse? Sometimes I would like to use this one Microsoft Sculpt Ergo Mouse Black Forbus


I have an Apple Magic Mouse 2 with a tiger print mouse mat which I love :nerd_face:

I prefer to have light colours on my desk, really don’t like black mouse mats and keyboards etc :smiley:


I feel the same, I had a huge mouse pad where I put my mechanical keyboard and my mouse too…

when I had my MacBook I only use your track pad I feel easier and more ergo instead of using some mouse… OH I miss so much my MacBook and I don’t feel comfortable to buy another one, it’s so very expensive in Brazil


I have a trackpad on the other side of my keyboard too :smiley: though only really use it for zooming in to things and three finger tap for look-up (I use hot-corners for things like going to Mission Control which works with the mouse of course).

Know what you mean about Mac prices!! I bought a 16" MBP towards the end of last year and I am SO pleased they have not brought a better one out - I would have had buyer’s remorse if they had! :rofl:

I do love the 16" MBP’s tho, finally a MBP that I actually wanted to keep (I’ve been ordering one every year for the last few years but kept sending them back as they did not feel much better than my tiny 11" MBA - the 16" is the only one I wanted to keep!)

I reckon we should start a thread about our dev machines btw! Since your first mentioned it, do you want to start the thread Herminio? Maybe with a title along the lines of What dev machine do you have? :nerd_face:


I have used a trackpad for the last 5-6 years.

My fingers/hand just doesn’t work with a “normal” mouse anymore. I use a Lenovo MO28UOL for when I play games.


Razer DeathAdder which I bought about 7 years ago, initially for gaming as it has a couple of extra buttons under the thumb-side, but also use for general computing (including work).

Have always liked wired.


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, on both desktop machines. Ideal for gaming, work and… everything really. Changes to full wired mode while charging so I never really unplug it. :smiley:


I’ think your mouse it’s a transformer totally :nerd_face: :smile:


Looks pretty cool to this day, yep!

And for several years of having both, they never lagged. Not once.


I favor Anker wired vertical mice. Got one for my home PC, one for my company-issued laptop, one for my wife to use, and half a dozen spares in case I need one and Anker stopped making them.

It would be nice if they made a model for left-handed people, though.