Which CSS framework do you use?

Inspired by @dbernheisel’s post here, which CSS framework do you use and why?


I started with the Surface CSS library but have significantly modified almost every part of it. I like being able to do a lot of the ‘pretty’ things that most people use javascript for but without even a tiny shred of javascript at all for it.


I have been using tailwindcss for a while now and really enjoying it.


For our internal apps I’ve been using Uikit for a few years. It is well maintained, nice documentation, easy to use, and looks good.

It took a bit to work out how to make some of the features integrate with Phoenix Liveview but after figuring out what needed to go into hooks it works like a charm.


New bootstrap 5 alpha is out, dropping finally jquery :slight_smile:

I have tried many, materializecss, semantic-ui, tailwindcss… but use bs for bigger project.

It also have a set of icons (bootstrap-icons)

You can try it now https://blog.getbootstrap.com/2020/06/16/bootstrap-5-alpha/ but it is still alpha.

Surface CSS looks really nice, and light… didn’t knew about it.


Bootsraap is my main css framework but I use sometimes MaterializeCss also.

To be honest I hate doing css so the more a css framework can offer out of the box, the more I will like it. It has to be easy of use also of course. :sweat_smile:


Nobody using Foundation? I’ve used it a few times and haven’t seen the need to switch as of yet…


It was mostly an experiment by someone to do the usual things people use Javascript for except entirely in fast CSS like popup menu’s, accordions, etc… etc… but they didn’t really finish it. I basically finished and expanded it for the uses I needed it for, and made an Elixir module that generates the right HTML markup to let it all work. :slight_smile:


The surface CSS website tells it was an experiment, no longer maintained :slight_smile:

I do the same, with a set of helpers for HTML generation.


I didn’t know about Foundation! But it’s even more appealing since they seem to have support for Email-centric CSS. https://get.foundation/emails.html


That was always appealing to us and one of the reasons we went with it. Though I think we’ve only used it for email once (I wasn’t involved with the project myself).

We use Foundation on the devtalk.com frontpage btw :smiley:

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I prefer not to use any frameworks at all. To write custom made CSS for a project is not that hard and then you really get something that you control and know every little bit of. Also I stick to BEM methodology.


I have used many a framework in the past.
My personal favourite to use on greenfield projects is definitely Semantic-UI, because of the following advantages:

  • Styling is applied based on groups of CSS classes, which are easy to remember. I very much prefer this approach over the BEM style.
  • It has sane defaults, but all parts of it are very easy to customize/override.
  • Almost all of it is usable without requiring you to add JavaScript for it to look/work right.
  • It’s easy to only include the parts that you need.
  • It does not get in the way of your custom elements, as styles only affect elements that have the ui class.

That said, for many more simple projects I opt for just writing vanilla CSS as well.


Used Bootstrap and Semantic in the past. But nowadays it’s either no framework or Bulma. Never tried Tailwind though/yet.


Foundation here! Although I like more the look and feel of Bootstrap I found way easier to customize and create my CSS classes with it.


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