Which book clubs shall we start next?

Hi everyone… I’m so sorry about the delay in getting this thread up, I’ve just been so busy :see_no_evil:

Are there any book clubs you’d like to see? If so please say in this thread! Who knows, you might get someone to join you!

What do they entail? Simply a thread where you and anyone else who wants to join in speaks about your journey with the book (something like one post per chapter). As you can see from this book club - they can be a lot of fun!

Since one of our objectives here on Devtalk is to help you become the best dev you can be, I reckon we can use some of our MOTY (Members of the Year) books for this as well - they’d probably be going to you anyway - and so this is a more fun/social use of them :smiley:

Perhaps we can start with up to 6 book clubs via this initiative (maybe 3 PragProg titles and 3 Manning titles) and I reckon we can give away 2 copies per title/book club to start with.

So… a) please say in this thread if you’d like to see a book club, and, b) if you’d like to be considered for a copy of the book too please PM me (I think a fair way to do this is by activity, so more active members would be higher up the list of receiving one than less active members).


Gosh there are so many I want to read!!!

I still want to finish the Programming Erlang Book Club (I hope to get back to it soon @Rainer!) and I already bought @herbert’s #book-hands-on-rust as I’m super interested in WASM and Rust seems to be a great way to get into that. And there are lots of Elixir & Erlang books I’m interested in too!

However I’m much more interested in the books you all want to read so will be keeping an eye on this thread with interest :nerd_face:


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I am going to do a second reading on “Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F#” aka one of the best books I have read on the topic (or, programming in general). I think it would be awesome if I can get a few co-readers, the topics covered in the book is very discussion friendly and should be much more fun than reading solo. I will open up the topic tomorrow.

I am resuming Programming Erlang as well.

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