Where Everything Went Wrong: Error Handling and Error Messages in Rust (2020)

Today you are frustrated.

This is so annoying. You’ve written a Rust crate and now that you want to test it for the very first time, it doesn’t work!

Come on, Rust! How dare you? You promised that once one gets past the compiler, it.

And now this!

Ok, ok. You calm yourself down. Lets start from the beginning. You want to create so called minidumps. This is a file that contains information about a crashed program (like stacks of all threads, CPU registers, system info, etc.). The minidump consists of various sections, such as the minidump header (including time of day, versions and basically a table of contents), a thread section (including all threads of the process and their stacks), memory mappings and libraries, etc. [Just to give some context, as all of this is actually not really important.]

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Somebody missed a great naming opportunity. These should be dumplings. :wink:

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Definitely better Dave!

Over here ‘dump’ is often used as slang for going for a :poop: :joy:

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Yeah, I think that’s everywhere that speaks English. (Or at least pretends to, as we do over here.) But their use of “dump” is not new; I remember getting “core dumps” on Unix systems back in the early 80’s. (And yes, since I didn’t know what to do with them yet, I regarded them as :poop:.)

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At least core dumps sounds vaguely related to computing (cpu cores) but minidumps? Sounds like mini :poop: 's :rofl:

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Like a shart.

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