What's in your .vimrc file?

Inspired by some of the comments in our Your Vim Tips! (in particular those by Mafinar and Hallski) …what’s in your .vimrc?

*If you’re using something like Janus, you’ll probably want to look in .gvimrc.after


Here’s mine:

color Elixify
set guifont=Menlo:h12
set linespace=2
let g:NERDTreeWinPos = "right"
autocmd BufWinEnter * NERDTreeMirror
set guioptions-=T " Removes top toolbar
set guioptions-=r " Removes right hand scroll bar
set go-=L " Removes left hand scroll bar
autocmd User Rails let b:surround_{char2nr('-')} = "<% \r %>" " displays <% %> correctly
set cpoptions+=$ " puts a $ marker for the end of words/lines in cw/c$ commands
let mapleader="," " Change mapleader from \ to ,
"autocmd BufWritePre *.rb :%s/\s\+$//e
autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e
set shortmess+=A " removes swap file warnings

"Better window navigation
nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>j
nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>k
nnoremap <C-h> <C-w>h
nnoremap <C-l> <C-w>l

set splitbelow
set splitright

inoremap jk <esc>

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I haven’t touched it for like forever. Not a good example either, but it is well attuned to my muscle memory.


This just showed up in a News Alert thread - think I might use a few of them :laughing:

set hlsearch    " highlight all search results
set ignorecase  " do case insensitive search 
set incsearch   " show incremental search results as you type
set number      " display line number
set noswapfile  " disable swap file

I’m in the middle of the process of changing my editor for VIM, and it’s a good choice? Yes, for sure… and I will sneak around other .vimrc in this post to get some ideas to complete my .vimrc!


I started off with (and still use) Janus however some people are not keen on the idea. Personally I think if you’re just starting out they can be a great way to get into Vim :smiley:


This is a plugin found after stumbling over the feature in Doom Emacs and wanted to have the same functionality in Vim.

It gives a visual feedback to what you just yanked so that you can verify that you got it correctly.


I use Neovim. Here’s the stuff not specific to Neovim or plugins.

" Enable 24bit true color
set termguicolors

" Enable the theme
syntax enable
colorscheme rigel
set noshowmode
set cursorline

" Setup code folding
set foldmethod=indent
set foldlevel=99
set foldcolumn=1

" A little mourse never hurt anyone
set mouse=a

" Display relative line numbers, with absolute line number for current line
set number
set numberwidth=5
set relativenumber

" Open new split panes to right and below
set splitright
set splitbelow

" Configure backspace so it acts as it should act
set backspace=eol,start,indent
set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l

set ignorecase " Ignore case when searching
set smartcase " When searching try to be smart about cases
set hlsearch  " Highlight search results
set incsearch " Makes search act like search in modern browsers
set lazyredraw " Don't redraw while executing macros (good performance config)
set magic " For regular expressions turn magic on
set expandtab " Use spaces instead of tabs
set smarttab " Be smart when using tabs ;)

" 1 tab == 2 spaces
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2

" Linebreak on 500 characters
set lbr
set tw=500

set ai " Auto indent
set si " Smart indent
set wrap " Wrap lines

set history=500 " Sets how many lines of history VIM has to remember
set hidden

" Enable filetype plugins
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on

" Set to auto read when a file is changed from the outside
set autoread
au FocusGained,BufEnter * checktime

" Map leader to comma
let mapleader = ","

" Fast saving
nmap <leader>w :w!<cr>

" Map Esc to tn
inoremap tn <Esc>

" Useful mappings for managing tabs
map <leader>tn :tabnew<cr>
map <leader>to :tabonly<cr>
map <leader>tc :tabclose<cr>
map <leader>tm :tabmove<cr>
map <leader>t<leader> :tabnext<cr>

" Let 'tl' toggle between this and the last accessed tab
let g:lasttab = 1
nmap <Leader>pp :exe "tabn ".g:lasttab<CR>
au TabLeave * let g:lasttab = tabpagenr()

" Turn terminal to normal mode with escape
tnoremap tn <C-\><C-n>

" Moving lines
nnoremap <A-Down> :m .+1<CR>==
nnoremap <A-Up> :m .-2<CR>==
inoremap <A-Down> <Esc>:m .+1<CR>==gi
inoremap <A-Up> <Esc>:m .-2<CR>==gi
vnoremap <A-Down> :m '>+1<CR>gv=gv
vnoremap <A-Up> :m '<-2<CR>gv=gv

" Visual mode pressing * or # searches for the current selection
" Super useful! From an idea by Michael Naumann
vnoremap <silent> * :<C-u>call VisualSelection('', '')<CR>/<C-R>=@/<CR><CR>
vnoremap <silent> # :<C-u>call VisualSelection('', '')<CR>?<C-R>=@/<CR><CR>

function! CmdLine(str)
    call feedkeys(":" . a:str)

function! VisualSelection(direction, extra_filter) range
    let l:saved_reg = @"
    execute "normal! vgvy"

    let l:pattern = escape(@", "\\/.*'$^~[]")
    let l:pattern = substitute(l:pattern, "\n$", "", "")

    if a:direction == 'gv'
        call CmdLine("Ack '" . l:pattern . "' " )
    elseif a:direction == 'replace'
        call CmdLine("%s" . '/'. l:pattern . '/')

    let @/ = l:pattern
    let @" = l:saved_reg

" Press Space to turn off highlighting and clear any message already displayed.
:nnoremap <silent> <Space> :nohlsearch<Bar>:echo<CR>

" Elixir preferences
let g:mix_format_on_save = 1

" Keep syntax highlighting in sync in larger React files
autocmd BufEnter *.{js,jsx,ts,tsx} :syntax sync fromstart
autocmd BufLeave *.{js,jsx,ts,tsx} :syntax sync clea