What happened to the virtual reality gaming revolution?

VR hasn’t taken over the world, but that doesn’t mean it has failed.

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For me, VR headsets are still expensive, and the games are still not that appealing/interesting. Just my thought…

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I think that too, and besides, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet, I can’t imagine these glasses being really comfortable to play with.

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Bought one myself a few months ago, used it a few times, but haven’t touched it for a while now.

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Which one did you get @gflashner?

I am hoping the new one from Sony will be good…

It was just a gift. I got an HTC Vive a few years ago.

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I think that VR is cool, but like all other VR headsets, e.g SEGA’s one wayback in the 90’s.
Without a good set of games, an appealing price and not thousands worth of accesories, it will somehow gain some traction.

Nevertheless, it speaks volume about the gaming industry, back in the 80’s, 1 to 4 devs were sufficient to make a game. Look at Mario Bros. Now, we need hundreds of devs. Companies can’t no more try and make mistakes.

So we have remaster, reedition, remake but no more real new game. I think it impacts the VR, furthermore it’s a niche, you can’t play all games with this setup.

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Good points @Maartz!

There are some devs that make brave choices tho, Naughty Dog really went the extra mile with the last of us part 2 imo - one of the best gaming experiences ever imo. I look forward to experiencing it again one day, on a massive 8 or 16K TV (if I am still alive by the time that text is available and affordable!) :lol:

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