What development podcasts do you listen to?

I am currently subscribed to:

The Ruby Rogues

Remote Ruby


Planet Argon founder and ohmyzsh creator.

I have listened to several episodes of the following podcasts (I struggle to keep it up on all of them).


https://devchat.tv/ has a lot of podcasts for several languages and frameworks.

The Changelog

thoughtbot podcasts

throughbot created factory_bot


from Basecamp

Share yours :smiley:


Some great podcasts there @andresriveros :+1:

Anyone remember the Ruby5 podcast? I loved it because it was just five minutes long!

I wish there were more podcasts like it tbh - being so short means people are less likely to put it off until they have ‘more time’ - at least that’s what I always end up doing with the longer podcasts!

Perhaps some of you could start a Dev5 podcast :blush:


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Agile Toolkit, Bike Shed, Changelog, Clean Coders, Elixir Fountain (dead?), Elixir Mix, Elixir Talk, Elixir Wizards, Frontier Podcast by Gun.io, Greater than Code, Maintainable, Ruby Facets (dead?), Ruby on Rails, Ruby Rogues, Soft Skills Engineering, Software Engineering Radio, Software Engineering Unlocked, and Tech Done Right. Almost certainly dead: Web Security Warriors, and Yak Shave. Also used to subscribe to Software Engineering Daily, but couldn’t keep up with that much volume.