What are your favorite soundtracks?

Inspired by this thread about arcade games - which I initially misread as favorite arcade game soundtracks - I wanted to ask about your favorite soundtracks, be they from a game, a movie, or any other kind of media.

Links for listening are highly welcome!


I’ll begin with some great game soundtracks I’m really fond of.


Awesome instrumental songs and some really nice vocals in some of them. For me half of what made Bastion such a great game.


God I love this soundtrack. It’s an amazing mixture of 8bit meets electronic music which I immediately added to my favorite songs in Spotify.


I was late to the Journey party (only played it this year) but oh my god this game has an absolutely amazing soundtrack. It’s one of these games where the soundtrack is absolutely essential to the experience.

Witcher 3

Such an atmospheric soundtrack. Especially the some of the combat music is just amazing.

(might add more later)


Bit old but I remember the soundtrack of Trainspotting being pretty good - the film is great too if you haven’t seen it!

Film trailer:

(We need threads for “What are you watching on TV?” and “What are your favourite films?” etc, too - anyone want to do the honours? :smiley:)


I have Celeste on my backlog after hearing really good things.

If you’re up for a mix of 8-bit and synth, I think you might enjoy Labyrinth by Monomer. He also scored the soundtrack to The Mummy Demastered.

I agree! I really enjoy revisiting Journey from time to time.

Speaking of music being essential to the experience, your thoughts remind me of another game I played recently, Thumper, which I think answers the question: What if a chrome Lovecraftian horror took over the drum tracks in Rock Band?

Click to know what in the world is going on!

What’s happening on screen can be hard to discern because the player is really good!


  • press the button to “thump” the glowing squares (for points)
  • hold the button through the red hurdles (or die)
  • power slide (press the button+left/right) through the red turns (or die)
  • press the button+up on a thump to fly and collect the hoops… (for points)
  • …then press down on another thump (for more points)

And not a soundtrack per se, but I think the sound design in Alien: Isolation is amazing.


Hard to go wrong with battle themes from Shin Megami Tensei games by Shoji Meguro.


For arcade like games ost, the Streets of Rage 4 ost is top notch


Guile’s theme from Street Fighter II


:+1: Knew it before I clicked it.

I get a kick out of Rashid’s Theme from SFV.

(If it’s not sounding like your cup of tea, at least hang in there until the chorus hits at 1:05. :rocket:)


Anything involving Yuzo Koshiro or Yoko Shimomura tends to be great.


I can’t recommend Celeste enough. I tend to get bored quickly by most games these days but I thoroughly enjoyed Celeste from start to end.

I’m also a sucker for difficult, skill-based games like Dark Souls, and Celeste scratches that itch nicely while being super snappy in it’s “failure to retry”-loop.

You’re right, I am enjoying that. :smile:


In that regard, I’m a big fan of VVVVVV.

The soundtrack is also really good!

(I can, and have, listened to this particular track on loop all day.)


Another game which just came to mind in the context of 8bit is The Messenger.

It has this really nifty thing going on where …


you travel back and forth between the future and the past, and the game switches between 8bit and 16bit which is also reflected in the music. The tracks switch seamlessly which is really awesome:



That is wild! So cool.

And it’s all connected: Keiji Yamagishi contributed to both The Messenger and Streets of Rage 4.


The original Doom 1/2 soundtracks, remastered is what I listen to most from game music, lol. The most memorable for me is by far Duke Nukem 3D’s intro music “grabbag”, any tiny hint of near anything can cause it to instantly start playing in my head, lol.


Sounds like I’m in for a treat!

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour became available for pre-order last week for the Switch, and at half price to boot.

I know nothing about the game, other than it’s an over-the-top take on Doom, but $5 USD sounded like a good price to experience a classic on the go.


Lol, @Ted highly recommended, though being on the switch you will definitely get the censored gameplay, so as long as you are fine with that. DN3D also had a massive modding community. Should grab a computer version sometime too, and of course their are community-made engines that run far far better with the original data files (and mods) then the old engine, like how there are things like gzdoom for doom. :slight_smile:

But yes, DN3D is awesome. ^.^