What are skills/expectations for Junior Elixir roles

Where should a Junior Elixir Dev focused first? what projects should I create? my current work has nothing to do with specifically Elixir. I want to hear what’s on your mind cause for me it’s really hard to spread too thinly in terms of learning (also time constraints). Thanks :slight_smile:


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Start somewhere easy or an area that you’re interested in most perhaps? Either that or the area in which you hope to get a job?

Luckily we have lots of books and courses about Elixir so if you’re seriously about getting a job in it, I would read/do as many of them as possible - I reckon a prospective employer would like that :smiley:


Elixir’s main strengths are:

  1. Transparent parallelism, e.g. Task and Flow. Try and make a project that ingests data from public datasets, in parallel, and also stores them somewhere after processing, again in parallel.

  2. Metaprogramming. If you go through the Exercism.IO’s Elixir track you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that, e.g. in the Roman numerals translation module.

  3. Ecto and Phoenix (and Absinthe for GraphQL). Try and couple some of your hobby / portfolio projects to a Phoenix app that persists to (and loads from) a MySQL or PostgreSQL database through Ecto.

I personally am immune to “falling in love” with a language syntax anymore so I am just looking for what are the main benefits that a language and its ecosystem bring to the table. If you can demonstrate knowledge and good practices in those and put them in a public GitHub portfolio – even if it’s only 2-3 good, solid projects (and they don’t even have to be big!) – you’ll be in a much better place than most candidates.


I’m not sure if it’d help you @jaeyson, but we’ll be running a book club for #book-land-the-tech-job-you-love at some point (hopefully fairly soon!) if you would like to take part (I’ll give you a copy) let me know!

Actually, Dimi you commented in the book’s main thread too - and so if you are interested I’d be happy to gift you a copy as well :hugs:

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I’d love it! PM me with me details. I just can’t find any time ever to scan for the discounts of books…


Awesome! I’ll let you know when we’re ready to start it (I see there’s a thread on EF about a similar topic too, so we can ask some of the posters there whether they would like to join in too) :smiley:

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@AstonJ where do i find this book? i’d be grateful if you have discount for this :slight_smile:


Click on the tag link #book-land-the-tech-job-you-love and the links and coupon details are there Jaeyson :smiley:

(If you want to take part in a book club PM me :D)

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