Web Development with ReasonML: ReScript & Future

Title: Web Development with ReasonML

What’s the future hold now with ReScript and all that?
Is ReScript different from ReasonML?
Will there be an update to the book?


This response (and the whole thread) may be useful: ReScript and the future of ReasonML - ReasonML Forums

As far as I can tell, as of now ReasonML and ReScript are aiming for different use cases.

Since both ReasonML and ReScript are niche languages, I don’t think there would be a lot of support for an update to the book. If there were, I would write it for ReScript, which is focused on the web.

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Consider this a vote for an update/rebranding of the book to ReScript!

Thanks for the discussion. I will ask the author about his interest and availability to update the book to ReScript.