Web Development with Clojure, Third Edition: missing code and surprising behaviour (136)

To this point, I believe all code changes were always displayed in full, i.e. not just described abstractly by the text. Because of that, I was missing seeing the new implementation of the init! function on that page.

Another surprise to me was that when I was instructed to reload the browser, the “this field is mandatory” validation errors are now always displayed right from the start, even though I haven’t started using the form. Did I make a mistake somewhere (with re-frame being so declarative, typos are easy to overlook), or is this expected behaviour that the book didn’t mention?

Scott, should the form show validation messages prior to the user filling the form?

Hi there @svmbrown , I also have this happen. I would prefer to only have the errors show up after the submit button is clicked, if there are errors. Is there any way to modify this behavior of when the errors show up?

Thank you.