Web Development with Clojure, Third Edition: image-uploader issue? or updating/editing profile issue? (p 243)

Hi there, when I use guestbook-profile-2 where I’m editing/updating the profile (p. 243), frequently, when I click the Update button, nothing happens. Currently I’m able to change the avatar, click update, then I have to refresh to see the avatar change. However, the bio, display name and banner changes are not being updated.

If I use guestbook-feeds-2, the final version of the guestbook app, then everything updates great, except the avatar & banner - when I click update, the old avatar appears (or the old banner). If I refresh the webpage, then the updated avatar & banner appear.

Of course, I’m working on my own guestbook project based off all this, but I feel like it’s easiest to refer to the source code for the sake of clarity. I was having this issue in my code, checked the source code, and see it’s also happening in guestbook-feeds-2.

So, let’s say I want to click update and see the updates immediately and not have to refresh the page - what do I do? What change do I need to make in the code?