Wasmer - server-side WebAssembly

  • Runtime and compiler performance is out of this world.
  • New features include better error handling, a more powerful API, cross-compilation, headless Wasmer and so much more!

It’s been two years since we published the first line of Wasmer code, the first server-side WebAssembly (Wasm) runtime able to run Nginx server-side.

We believe that WebAssembly will be a crucial component for the future of software execution and containerization (not only inside the browser but also outside).

By leveraging Wasm for software containerization, we create universal binaries that work anywhere without modification, including operating systems like Linux, macOS, Windows, and also web browsers. Wasm automatically sandboxes applications by default for secure execution, shielding the host environment from malicious code, bugs and vulnerabilities in the software it runs. Wasm also provides a lean execution environment enabling Wasmer containers to run in places where Docker containers are too heavy to work.

Today we’re super excited to release Wasmer 1.0, featuring:

  • Production-ready performance
  • Pluggable Infrastructure
  • Native Object Engine
  • Headless Wasmer — ideal for IoT
  • Cross-compilation
  • Super easy-to-use and extensible API
  • Wasm-C-API support
  • Error handling and debugging

Now let’s dig deeper into each of these new features!

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Docker’s days could be numbered!

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