VideoHub - my new app built with Elixir and Phoenix

Finishing my app to take notes on Videos:

I am aiming to put it online on my playground by this weekend.

Edit: It’s up


Ooo looks good Paulo! When’s it going live? :sunglasses:

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Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.

It’s still very green, keeping discovering bugs here and there.

Basically this is the Programming Phoeniox 1.3 book app that I made some years ago, with some features added and some makeover.

commit 7e52fe8e39be60496bf4eb2d4307a0960da897e5
Author: Exadra37 <>
Date:   Mon Feb 12 19:56:41 2018 +0000

    Big Bang :)
    Signed-off-by: Exadra37 <> | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

Currently working on deleting notes feature:

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I made it available as an Alpha release on a subdomain of my personal site:

A good example of a video where I have added a lot of notes and bookmarks:

Watching videos and taking notes helps me memorize better what I learn from them, and also to revisit later the video to find something I know its on it.

Please feel free to use it for real, that I guarantee that I will keep the database between updates to the website, and once I release it to production I will migrate the database too.

Currently is only a Minimal Viable Product with its bare-bones, but I have great plans for it:

  • Allow discussions to be limited by invited users or open to the public, provided they are registered users.
  • Allow to write video articles
  • Allow to define private and public content, aka videos, notes and discussions.
  • Add tags.
  • Add search.
  • Social network sharing.
  • Add Video url only, and then call the Youtube API to get the video data.
  • Support for Vimeo videos if possible to implement.
  • Allow to comments on notes.
  • Allow to start a discussion from a note.
  • Add like button via emojis.
  • Add flag button.
  • Filter videos.
  • Password recovery functionality.
  • And many more

Feel also free to suggest anything you would like to see implemented.


Looks awesome Paulo!! (When you’re ready we can split into a dedicated thread :nerd_face: )

I love how fast it is! Are you using any caching at all? Perhaps you could write a blog about it or post more details in a thread (we have projects and showcase section on EF that you could make use of :D)

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Thanks for feedback. It means a lot :slight_smile:

You can split now if you want.

No cache at all, and I am not happy with the speed of it, because I am more up to north of you, while you are almost at the data-center doors.

Plus, I am also loading third-party JS that I plan to reduce/remove in the future in order to increase page speed loading time.

My blog is now automated for deployments, thus I feel more willing to write on it, and once I have the app a little more polished I will write about it.

I know of it, and I will post there once I have polished the app a little more. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Ok done… let me know if you want to change the title or anything :smiley:

I recently stripped a load of Foundation JS stuff out of Devtalk. Foundation has been great in the past, particularly for legacy browser compatibility but I don’t think it’s needed nowadays. I’m looking forward to learning #tailwind :grin:

Awesome :nerd_face:

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