Uno Platform for Figma - From design to XAML Code in a click

A few months ago, Uno Platform unveiled Uno Platform for Figma plugin, a plugin created to turn your high-fidelity Figma design into XAML code. The aim was to help reduce time spent on the UI and focus on the business logic while simplifying the design to code handoff.

The plugin does more than auto-generate XAML code from your design, it allows for interactive live previews of your design to see how it behaves, and it exports the code and the resource dictionaries of your design so you can build upon it in your preferred IDE.

That said, Uno for Figma is at Preview 3 stage and continues to be improved and expanded, but check it out for yourselves, give it a try and let us know your feedback and comments.

Recently published a great tutorial showcasing the power of Uno Figma: Recreating Amazon’s Goodreads App and it was done all using Uno Platform Plugin, Material Toolkit, and Figma.

Demo of Live Preview in action

Uno Platform for Figma Plugin
Uno Platform Material Toolkit


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I am not using Uno but worked with Xamarin’s Xaml code. This sounds good!