Unity and Unreal Engine 5

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Having looked at UE5’s promotional content, I’m honestly just wondering: what is the point of Unity, now? Either you don’t want to deal with a big unwieldy engine, in which case you roll/mod your own, or you do, and you would just use UE5, right? What am I missing?

It seems like it is so far ahead of Unity at this point on all fronts, including asset provision (megascans + metahuman), I’m honestly just not sure what Unity’s value proposition would be. Maybe devs who are sticking with Unity could fill me in?

A lot of interesting responses came from developers, mainly people working on games, which of course makes sense. But, it may be interesting to look at it from the angle of someone who’s less focused on the art and more on the software, specifically from a maintainer’s point of view. I’ve worked with a number of Unity games and (admittedly) I’ve occasionally poked at some Unreal games. More recently I’ve been working with UE5’s Linux editor support as part of work on SDL. (TL;DR: I’m kind of stunned at what I’ve been able to do with it from day one.)

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Good description of their states but could use more examples.

But yeah, don’t use Unity, use UE5 or Godot depending… Or something custom if you so wish, like something built on Bevy or whatever, lots of those options out there too.

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