Two US lawyers fined for submitting fake court citations from ChatGPT

Two US lawyers fined for submitting fake court citations from ChatGPT.
Law firm also penalised after chatbot invented six legal cases that were then used in an aviation injury claim

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Thank you for sharing this eye-opening article. It serves a stark reminder of the importance of integrity within legal field. It’s crucial that lawyers maintain the utmost honesty and transparency in their practice to ensure justice prevails.

I’m genuinely taken back by the audacity of those who resorted to submitting fake court citations from ChatGPT.

It’s exactly as I said. I was worried that using AI improperly would cause problems. It’s like covid tests. This type of test was used in criminology not to confirm, but to exclude connections. Even the best knives used improperly would hurt your fingers. :drop_of_blood:

Saying that this article is not even close to the real problem is like saying nothing. Do you know what’s the most important rule when listening to politic? Some may say that the rule is “don’t listen them” - well, nice but it’s not the point in this conversation. :sweat_smile:

The problem is not what has been said or written, but what’s not. Seriously a whole article about only one case? After all that time of using AI so widely? We have two options here and I’m not sure which one is worse comparing to other one … :fearful:

  1. Most of the cases like that are censored which doesn’t help people understand how to properly use “AI’s knife”. :confounded:

  2. There are not much cases in mainstream media, because they were not detected! Just imagine a world 10 years in future when we realize that some % of using AI caused “good-faith mistake”. Think how much costs it would generate to at least pay people back when damage would be already done. Think how drastic the changes would need to be after people would be used to use AI in the wrong way. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

As I have already said AI is definitely as good as knife or any other tool. It should be used as it’s ours future, but we need to use it wisely. If we do it right we would benefit a lot. If not our civilization may collapse very fast and this is one of the most positive visions. :sob:

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.

Padmé Amidala - Revenge of the Sith (Episode III)

Just change one word and this popular quote becomes into a description of a bad future:

So this is how civilization dies. With thunderous applause.

AI era version - 21th century

The court decision was absolutely right, but the penalty was way too low. Such amount for a normal people is huge, but for a law company and especially in :us: it’s like few cents for us. If people on such positions would need to pay just few thousand :dollar: when things would go wrong then more and more people would do the same as it’s much more worth and I honestly can’t blame anyone who would think the same. :confused:

That’s said even the best experts should use AI as it propose solutions so fast that verifying them is a piece of cake comparing to doing everything by hand. AI should help us in daily life, but it shouldn’t live for us. I could even consider being tracked by AI for all or at least most of the time. Of course such project should be open source without any network requirements, However AI should give only proposals and not the only valid way of doing something. :speak_no_evil:

Same goes for AI-generated code and other use cases. Using the AI for everything without thinking about consequences is like letting AI play for us the whole game. Sure it would do best decisions. It would create a strongest character and so on, but where’s the fun? If I would ever want that I would rather watch a movie. Overall, we look like a herd of sheep that, inspired by Leeroy Jenkins’ extraordinary style, rush into AI stuff. :zap: