Twitter data breach exposes contact details for 5.4M accounts; on sale for $30k

Twitter data breach exposes contact details for 5.4M accounts; on sale for $30k.
A Twitter data breach has allowed an attacker to get access to the contact details of 5.4M accounts. Twitter has confirmed the security vulnerability which allowed the data to be extracted. The data – which ties Twitter handles to phone numbers and email addresses – has been offered for sale on a hacking forum, for […]

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So by Twitter just admitting the data breach, they are not liable anymore, for anything?


You could probably sue them if your details were included :upside_down_face:

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How to find out if someone’s details were included?

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Not sure as I haven’t seen any information on that yet @DevotionGeo. I immediately changed my password when I read about this earlier this week just to be on the safe side.

About a month ago, I had my identity stolen and used to open a Home Depot credit account. The only reason that I knew that it had happened was I have Experian setup to notify me of any inquiries on my credit history. I got on the phone with Home Depot Credit Services within a couple of hours of this happening because of this and got the account shut down.

EVERYONE, if you live in the US, put a lock on your credit reports at all of the big 3 agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This is a free service they all offer. I normally keep mine locked just to prevent this kind of thing but after purchasing a house last summer, I forgot to put the lock back on my reports. If I had remembered to do this, this situation would have been stopped before it could have happened.

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