Tiny C Projects (Manning)

Learn the big skills of C programming by creating bite-size projects! Work your way through these 21 fun and interesting tiny challenges to master essential C techniques you’ll use in full-size applications.

Dan Gookin

Tiny C Projects is an engaging collection of 21 small programming challenges! Hone and develop your C abilities with lighthearted games like Hunt the Wumpus and tic-tac-toe, utilities like a useful calendar and a mini-editor app, and thought-provoking exercises like encoding and cyphers. Every project encourages you to evolve your code, add new functions, and explore the full capabilities of C.

Tiny C Projects builds and hones your C programming skills with interesting and exciting challenges. You’ll expand your C programming portfolio by creating useful utility programs, fun games, password generators, directory utilities, and more. Each program you create starts out simple and then deepens as you explore approaches and alternatives you can use to achieve your goals. Once you’re done, you’ll find it easy to scale up the skills you’ve learned from tiny projects into real applications.

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