This is my next main browser: a review of Orion

This is my next main browser: a review of Orion.
Orion is currently my favourite browser, and has replaced Safari entirely on one of my primary Macs. Here’s why.

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Too many browsers based on webkit and such derivatives, that needs to stop… >.>
Monocultures are bad!


We need a new secure and open OS imo - secure browsers can only go so far imo.

Wonder whether we’ll see a new OS in our life-time that can take on macOS, Linux and Windows…

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There’s plenty of OS’s, from google’s new Fuchsia (less ‘general’, more phone and small device) to Redox (more general but very young though very safe) and more, lol. You need linux compat or won’t go far though.

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Redox looks great but I hope it doesn’t end up with a million distros like Linux…

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Unless the new OS would be that game-changing, we might not see that in our lifetime.