ThinkingElixir 084 - LiveBeats with Chris McCord

In episode 84 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Chris McCord about the LiveBeats project he created. It’s a high-quality, showcase, open source project that highlights new and powerful features in LiveView. LiveBeats is a social music playing application that challenges current ideas about what LiveView is able to do. It uses presence, new JS features, defines reusable Tailwind styled components, includes accessibility and more! An exciting project that people can actually use in addition to being a great community resource. We also get into what’s coming out in Phoenix 1.7 that may interest people getting ready to start a new project!


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LiveBeats looks like a really cool (and cheap!) multi-room audio player :003:

I use Apple AirPlay for multi-room, but for that you need an AirPlay compatible device in each room. If you just need a basic system (without super accurate syncing) LiveBeats is probably more than adequate :023: