ThinkingElixir 049 - Pushing for Modularity with Maciej Kaszubowski

In episode 49 of Thinking Elixir, Maciej Kaszubowski returns to talk about how read models can help modularize our systems. There is a focus on background job systems and how they fit in our modular designs. We cover push vs pull based systems and which is more maintainable. Maciej also shares his approach to learning and understanding a new Elixir library and more!


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Thanks for posting your podcast here Mark!

Will you be posting these regularly on Devtalk? If so I think we can set up the cross-poster so that we post a dedicated thread per episode on the Elixir Forum rather than the cross-poster posting them in the catch all ‘BEAM threads on Devtalk’ thread (so similar to what we do with blog posts and screencasts) :smiley:

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Thanks @AstonJ! I’m not sure where to post them. I tried the experiment on the ElixirForum and that didn’t seem right. Just looking at the other content posted here on devtalk, it felt like it might fit in better here.

I don’t fully understand what you are saying with the cross-poster content and the different threads. Sorry!

Thanks for all you do to help manage and maintain healthy places for sharing and conversation.


Ok done :blush:

It now works the same way as Elixir blog posts and screencasts - the full details are here, but basically for it to cross-post podcasts as a dedicated thread on EF:

  • It must be posted in one of the Blogs/Articles/Talks/Podcasts section here on Devtalk
  • It must include the podcasts tag
  • It must include the elixir tag

As well as both of your accounts having the same username and primary email address on both forums (which yours does) :smiley:

You’re welcome, and thank you for creating great content for the community :+1:

Btw, if you paste the URL of the podcast into the title field (before typing anything else in there) it will be added as the main link for the thread and these get shown on the Devtalk homepage with rel=nofollow removed (so helps with your SEO). Once you’ve pasted the link there, you can then edit it to whatever you want the title to read.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

(The openSUSE thread shows the link immediately underneath the thread excerpt)

If you have any questions just let me know!