Thinking Elixir 200 - Ready for a new frontier?

Episode 200 of Thinking Elixir. In this landmark 200th episode of the Thinking Elixir podcast, we dive into the revolutionary world of LiveView Native with Brian Cardarella and Carson Katri. Discover how this emerging technology is expanding Elixir’s reach onto mobile devices and beyond, shaking up traditional development with server-side state management and opening a new frontier for native applications. Our experts share insights on its performance, live reload features, and strategic advantages that promise to speed up prototyping and cut down on dev time. Plus, hear about our latest news on EEF voting, new testing libraries for Phoenix, the future of the Elixir Protobuf library with a call for new maintainers, and Livebook’s integrations for data sources. And if that wasn’t enough, we cover additional tech stories, including the shutdown of the Women Who Code foundation, a study linking mentally stimulating work to a reduced risk of dementia, and more!

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