Thinking Elixir 184 - Magic Links

Episode 184 of Thinking Elixir. In the news, we dive into a mix of intriguing Elixir updates and innovative developments. We explore the convenient and versatile Testcontainers project, designed to streamline your testing environment, and touch on Zach Daniel’s efforts to integrate bulk operations into the Ash Framework. German Velasco has been busy sharing a wealth of tips on, and we stumbled upon a rare gem, a Windows-focused Elixir library that bridges the gap with Azure authentication services. But the heart of our discussion revolves around the magic of “magic links” in Phoenix applications. We delve deep into how these links offer a seamless user experience by simplifying authentication, the challenges they may pose, and the impressive ways they can refine your developer workflow. Stay tuned for these updates and more in the show!

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