Thinking Elixir 173: Web App Security Best Practices and Sobelow

Episode 173 of Thinking Elixir. We delve into the tricky world of cybersecurity with our guest, Michael Lubas. We touch on the widely-discussed 23andMe data breach, discussing what went wrong and how it applies to Elixir apps. A significant part of our talk is centered around the informative guide by the EEF Security Working Group called “Web Application Security Best Practices for BEAM languages.” An essential tool featured in our discussion is Sobelow, a security-focused static code analysis tool invaluable in warding off potential security breaches. We wrap up the conversation by discussing the practical application of these tools, using’s vulnerable-by-design “Potion Shop” app as a case study to run Sobelow and practice fixing issues. Join us for an enlightening discussion packed full of important insights!

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