The repeated deaths of OOP

Since its inception in the late sixties, Object Oriented Programming has pervaded our industry. Current mainstream programming languages all support OOP —except maybe C, and it is no longer that mainstream. Most programmers I have met in person tend to divide the world thus:

  • Procedural programming. Bad.
  • Object oriented programming. Good.
  • Wacky research stuff. Unproven, Scary, Unmaintainable.

From the look of it, OOP is here to stay.

On the other hand, despite having gone through serious mutations, OOP is still strongly criticised by knowledgeable people (including yours truly). Worse, the game industry seems to be moving away from it. Video games are simulations, a core niche of OOP. That’s what Simula was named after. If it’s not the best tool for even that job…

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