The next 700 programming languages (1966)

A family of unimplemented computing languages is de- scribed that is intended to span differences of application area by a unified framework. This framework dictates the rules ckout the uses of user-coined names, and the conventions about characterizing functional relationships. Within 'lhisframe- work 'lhe design of a specific language splits into two inde- pendent parts. One is 'lhe choice of written appearances of programs (or more generally, their physical representation). The o:her is the choice of the abstract entities (such as numbers, character-strings, lists of them, functional relations among them) that can be referred to in the language.

The system is biased towards “expressions” rather than “statements.” It includes a nonprocedural (purely functional) subsystem fhat aims to expand the class of users’ needs that can be met by a single print-instruction, without sacrificing the important properties that make conventional right-hand-side expressions easy to construct and understand.

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