The many and varied ways to kill an OTP Process

This is an overview of different ways to try and kill an OTP process (in Elixir) and the behaviour to expect when that happens. I know this is fairly basic stuff, but it’s the kind of thing I find myself forgetting and having to recheck, and the documentation I know about is a bit scattered.

I hope to follow up with the impact on on linked and monitoring processes.

As a bonus, the post is an executable LiveBook page, which you can download and execute yourself.


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This is the first “LiveBook as a Post” I have come across. That was my first reaction to LiveBook- OMG now we can download executable write-ups!

Great post, btw! I am half-way reading.


Yeah, I thought it was worth experimenting with and fairly easy to quickly set up with Jekyll; I’ll do a quick write-up of that when I get the chance.

It’s not quite as satisfying as I’d like, though. It would be nice to capture the output in the static/blog version, for instance.

I have seen talks in which the speaker used Jupyter Notebooks instead of slides / live coding which worked quite well. I’d expect to see more of that with LiveBook in the future.