The largest solar farm just came online in China

The world’s largest solar farm just came online in China.
The world’s largest solar farm, which sits in the desert in northwestern Xinjiang, is now connected to China’s grid.

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Eventhough I don’t trust in everything that China does, if this is true, it is impressive.

Not really, I would say that such news are rather a matter of time.

  1. China currently behaves similar to USA in past i.e. it focus on gathering most talented people especially scientists :scientist:

  2. They have developer superconductors :electric_plug:

  3. Once Germany’s lobbies started to force “green energy”, people interested in topic started buying electric cars from China as they are better and cheaper :red_car:

  4. We already saw the results of sanctions against China :no_entry_sign:

Any large solar farm should not be really a news, but rather a common knowledge. Largest? Sure, if you take a look at China’s economy it’s not surprising at all. It’s a result of many years hard work which people on West wasted on social, green/blue stuff, covid, wars, inflation, drugs and immigrants problems. :crazy_face:

For politics in so-called “West World” it does not matter if we progress as they only want to have “power” and money for next few years even if that means destroying economy and decrease stability in their own countries. :crossed_swords:

Again, I don’t get why people in general suddenly and randomly wake up and now after all those years are surprised that China is leader in any field. That’s a result of:

It’s not related to me, so I don’t care. :-1:

Assuming that world would be full of piece without covid or any AI’s getting awareness then we would end up with a huge economic problems anyway. China is taking more and more % of production, people can’t think about tomorrow, then complain about it’s obvious consequences and they are ending with excuses like saying that they can’t change a thing as they are not strong enough or something like that. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

I wonder how much years people would need to realise in what world they live and that they are important contributors of all bigger changes. When their salaries would be decreased? When they would loose a job? Or maybe when they would lose their lives? :thinking:

Well … at the end it’s AI’s fault as it’s gonna kill us! I absolutely love that excuse as people are trying to be a clairvoyants in order to imagine how they would die after they would die because of their stupidity. :joy: