The future of web software is HTML over WebSockets

The future of web-based software architectures is already taking form, and this time it’s server-rendered (again). Papa’s got a brand new bag: HTML-over-WebSockets and broadcast everything all the time…

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That is SO not true. Those futures keep being predicted by people in areas with excellent internet coverage. Not a coincidence.


The future of web Software is HTML over Web sockets is correct things. In my research I found it that the HTML over websockets in future .
It has a lots of benefits;

  1. HTML rendering / processing happens solely on the back-end
  2. Real-time
  3. The Websockets protocol is faster than HTTP
  4. Works with slow connections
  5. Create a SPA with hardly any JavaScript
  6. Straightforward SEO

Guh, I hope not. I don’t want pages that require JS. I don’t want pages that require mountains of CSS. I want pages that can render easily in a terminal, in elinks, where I live most of my life. Accessibility is extremely important! Sites that absolutely hard require javascript to even function are near always an instant write-off in my book. This is my major issue with Discourse, sure I can see it fine without JS, but it is not “functional” without it to use, when it absolutely could have been… The workaround of handling it’s JSON api via a TUI is very very situational specific and does not scale to other sites that are broken in the same way.