Testing Web APIs (Manning)

Testing Web APIs teaches you to plan and implement the perfect testing strategy for your web APIs. In it, you’ll explore dozens of different testing activities to help you develop a custom testing regime for your projects. You’ll learn to take a risk-driven approach to API testing, and build a strategy that goes beyond the basics of code and requirements coverage.

Mark Winteringham

In Testing Web APIs you’ll develop a diverse testing program that gets your whole team involved in ensuring quality. This practical book demystifies abstract strategic concepts by applying them to common API testing scenarios, revealing how these complex ideas work in the real world. It fully covers automation techniques like functional API automation, contract testing, and automated acceptance test-driven design that will save your team’s time.

You’ll map the potential risks your API could face, and use those risks as a launching point for your testing activities. A good strategy has a mix of focuses, so you’ll master a wide range of API testing techniques like exploratory testing and live testing of production code.

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