Testing Elixir: MIX_ENV in Makefile

Title: Testing Elixir (Source code)

In the Makefile, provided in source code located at [code/testing_ecto & code/testing_phoenix/not_skull], should MIX_test=test and MIX_dev=dev be MIX_ENV=test and MIX_ENV=dev?


I will use this same thread to report another typo, on Page 73

# ...
assert {:ok, _pid} = RollingAverageServer.start_link(max_measurements: 2)
RollingAverageServer.add_element(pid, 5)
RollingAverageServer.add_element(pid, 6)
# ...

It discards the _pid, when it was necessary on the client API for the RollingAverageServer.