Ten Years and Counting: My Affair with Microservices

Ten Years and Counting: My Affair with Microservices.
In early 2024, I hit ten years at Allegro, which also happens to be how long I’ve been working with microservices.
This timespan also roughly corresponds to how long the company as a whole has been using them, so I think it’s a good time to outline the story of project
Rubicon: a very ambitious gamble which completely changed how we work and what our software is like. The idea probably seemed rather extreme at the time, yet I
am certain that without this change, Allegro would not be where it is today, or perhaps would not be there at all.

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I haven’t really worked on a large application/project that might require microservices, and I don’t know if I will ever get that chance. But this is really a good read.


Worked for a company before when microservices was just starting to be popular. The new project we worked on failed, because the architect just wanted to try it without really understanding it. Not blaming him solely for the failure, but most of us never really had experience with microservices.

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Even in my work, I have yet to find a reason to break our monolithic app into microservices

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