Tech jobs on the rise due to coronavirus - particularly web related

Great news for web developers - with more people interacting with companies via the web, a company’s web presence has become more important than ever…

Demand for web designers and developers skyrocketed 15.5%, compared to June.

“We’ve seen two years of digital transformation happening in the space of two weeks,”

“A lot of business leaders we’ve been talking to, and survey data, shows that digital will be more important to their business, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

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So it might be the right time to found a startup for interactive webapps? :slight_smile:


Do it @Rainer!! :nerd_face:

I think e-commerce is definitely on the up, with less people going in to shops they need to adapt to stay in business.

Perhaps a more interactive online shopping experience where customers can talk to real people while browsing might go down well wit consumers?

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