Tauri -- Kinda sorta Electron in Rust?


When I saw this I instantly thought of @OvermindDL1… Electron-killer? In Rust? Security-first? OK, currently in Node.js but with polyglot backends in the future? Hello, Holy Grail? Hmmm, somehow it must be too good to be true…

What is Tauri?

Tauri is a toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms - using virtually any frontend framework in existence. The core is built with Rust, and the CLI leverages Node.js making Tauri a genuinely polyglot approach to creating and maintaining great apps.

If you want to know more about the technical details, then please visit the Introduction. If you want to know more about this project’s philosophy - then keep reading.


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This part keeps me concerned.


Sounds interesting - do they have any demo apps out atm?


As the core is built in Rust, I think it can prove to be better than Electron.


Not saying the contrary, but if uses NodeJS it cannot be “fully” secured. NodeJS will be always a weak link.


No. Instead of embedding chrome everywhere like in electron it instead uses the platform’s native things, so a webview2 control for windows, embedded safari for mac, and no clue what it uses on linux. That’s why it’s smaller, but that also means that you can have differences, though thankfully all are webkit based at this point so it’s “mostly” uniform, and it doesn’t really shrink its memory usage that much either.

Yes, it’s better than electron, but it’s not a high bar to be better than electron, lol.

Always prefer platform native GUI’s, or Qt, Qt is best other than its lack of a C API and occasionally garbage license handling from their parent company.