Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails: docker-compose.yml

Really enjoying the book. Thanks!

I’m just wondering why you expose port 22:22 in the docker-compose.yml but you don’t install sshd on the server. Is this for a down the road feature (i.e. add sshd to server) . Also it generates a port in use error when you do bin/start on Mac since I’ve got Remote Login configured. Wouldn’t something like 9022:22 be ‘safer’ ?

Weird, I thought that was commented. tl;dr you can remove that.

It’s there because the book builds via an automated script that ssh’es into the Docker container running the example app, so when the book says “edit this file to change this” the script I use to maintain the book actually does that.

In my case, the entire thing is run via Docker Compose, so port 22 doesn’t conflict with my computer since the port in that case is inside the virtual network set up by Docker.

If none of that is interesting or makes sense, you can definitely ignore and just remove that bit from the Dockerfile.