State of JavaScript 2020

As crappy as 2020 was, JavaScript as a whole still managed to somehow move forward. As the language itself keeps improving thanks to new features like Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing, TypeScript’s widespread adoption is taking things to a whole other level by popularizing static typing.

And on the framework side, just when we thought things were settling down, Svelte comes in and shakes everything up with a fresh take on the front-end. And even build tools are showing signs of new activity after years of webpack dominance.

But the difference this time is that the “old” guard –relatively speaking– is not going anywhere. Svelte and Snowpack are great, but so are React and webpack. And sure, they too will eventually fall prey to the Great JavaScript Churn, but not for many, many years.

So let’s enjoy what we have here: a great ecosystem that just keeps getting even better!

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