Spot: Boston Dynamics condemns robot paintball rampage plan

A US art installation that will let people control a paintballing robot in a mock art gallery has been condemned by the firm that made the robo-dog.

Boston Dynamics criticised the project, calling it a “provocative use” of its quadruped robot, Spot.

It warned that if the “spectacle” goes ahead, Spot’s warranty might be voided, meaning it could not be updated.

The group behind it, MSCHF, argues that Spot or robots like it will probably be used for military applications.

The group is known for creating viral stunts, stories and products.

The project, entitled Spot’s Rampage, is due to start at 13:00 EST (18:00 GMT) on Wednesday, and will let people “remotely control a Spot robot” via a website.

Every two minutes, the controls will be passed to a new person, chosen randomly…

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