Slack makes EU antitrust claim against Microsoft

I hadn’t even heard of Teams.

(I do wonder what their plans are for GH tho)

Slack said Microsoft’s bundling of Teams within Office 365 software was “illegal and anti-competitive practice” and that the tech giant was “abusing its market dominance”.

The complaint will now be reviewed by the European Commission.

Microsoft said that it was providing the EC with information.

“We created Teams to combine the ability to collaborate with the ability to connect via video, because that’s what people want,” said a spokesperson.

“With Covid-19, the market has embraced Teams in record numbers while Slack suffered from its absence of video-conferencing. We’re committed to offering customers not only the best of new innovation, but a wide variety of choice in how they purchase and use the product.”

“We look forward to providing additional information to the European Commission and answering any questions they may have.”

Slack argued that it was seeking a “level playing field” and suggested that, by offering Teams to Office 365 users, Microsoft was making it harder for Slack to sell its own software to the market.


Where have you been… under a rock :wink:

Disclaimer: I am a Linux user

Since day one that I believe that Github acquisition is part of their long term strategy to get back Developers into the Microsoft sphere, not necessarily ecosystem. I mean they want you to use as much as possible their products, free and paid ones, no matter what platform you are in, and without trying to convert you.

A good example of a free product that they are successfully locking in all the developer community is VScode, and with this and Github acquisition they will try to make as simpler as possible to deploy any code into Azure, and that is why they are doing all they can to embrace other communities of programmers, not to fight them as in the past. They even have now the Linux subsystem running inside of Windows.

But the best of all is that they are now members of the Linux Foundation, contributing with money every year, that is used for many things, being one of them to pay Linus salary :wink: Could you imagine that to become a reality in the past?


Could you imagine that to become a reality in the past?

I could, and to be honest I liked Microsoft better when they were openly antagonistic toward Linux and FOSS in general. WSL, GitHub, etc. smells too much of the old “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” strategy for my liking. People say Microsoft has changed, but I don’t think the corporation has changed as dramatically as people claim.

I just think Microsoft’s senior management has learned subtlety.

I don’t trust MS, I don’t like MS, and I only use their products (free or paid) when I’m getting paid to put up with them.


Slack has no court case and no serious attorney will help them. This is mostly a PR move that they hope will put them in more people’s radars when it comes to corporate paid chat customers.

They’ll lose such a litigation.


Do people still use Slack? I couldn’t ever stand it, the interface was horrid… >.<

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