Serverless Apps on Cloudflare (PragProg)

Leverage serverless technologies on Cloudflare's global platform to build a variety of applications more easily and quickly.


Ashley Peacock @ashleypeacock

edited by Michael Swaine @michaelswaine

Serverless technologies help you build applications that scale, quickly, more easily, and without worrying about deployment. Whether you’re writing an API, a full-stack app, or real-time code, harness the power of serverless on Cloudflare’s platform so you can focus on what you do best: delivering solutions. With hands-on instruction and code samples throughout the book, you’ll start from building a simple API to developing a game with persisted objects. And when it’s time to launch, you’ll learn how to deploy your applications and websites automatically, and how to optimize their performance for production.

For decades, applications have been built and deployed in a similar way: you write code, provision a server, and upload your code. Over the years, you’ve graduated from FTP or SSH to Docker and Kubernetes, but fundamentally you’ve just switched from owning to renting. Your application is running 24/7 on a server you’re paying for. Serverless technologies are changing that: you focus on your applications and offload the worry of where and how they’re deployed. This book will teach you how to write serverless applications on Cloudflare’s global platform.

This means that you can focus on writing code and not have to worry about how it’s deployed. With serverless, you only pay for when your application code is executed rather than pay for idle servers. You’ll do this using Cloudflare, which is built from the ground up to be a serverless platform.

You’ll learn this better way to build applications, and you’ll see improved productivity and ease of deployment by making use of serverless technologies. From secrets to dependencies, such as databases and caches, Cloudflare has revolutionized how to build applications and makes building applications easier and more fun. As you go through the book, you’ll learn in detail what serverless is, how it functions behind the scenes, and how to build serverless applications on Cloudflare. When you finish this book, you’ll understand serverless fundamentals and know how to build a variety of applications using Cloudflare.

Ashley Peacock is the author of the bestselling Creating Software with Modern Diagramming Techniques. He has experience across the tech stack, and as a staff engineer and architect working in the UK tech industry for over a decade, he has built a number of serverless applications on Cloudflare. He couldn’t believe how impressive and effortless the process was, which led him to share that expertise in this book.

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Didn’t know that Cloudflare already supports Serverless Apps. I thought they just offer content delivery network services.


I think this is quite common, and what lead me to write the book - it’s a fantastic platform, but it’s flying under the radar currently, so hoping to draw some attention to it and help people get started!


Yes, this looks very interesting. Thank you for writing the book.