Serverless Apps On Cloudfare - Questions on Ch. 1


  1. I wasn’t sure if /src/index.ts should contain the “fetch” function or the “scheduled” function. But in looking at the end of Ch. 1 there is an image of “Hello World!” displaying in the browser which helped. So I put index.ts back to the way it was (containing the “fetch” function) and created a new file to contain the “scheduled” function.

  2. Should the “scheduled” function be called by the worker? And if so how or what triggers it to be called?

  3. My code can be found at
    Thank you


No need to put the scheduled function anywhere - it’s not needed, it’s just there so you know you can schedule things if needed. I can see why it would be confusing though, so I’ll move it to an aside (a little info box) instead, so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the chapter and doesn’t cause confusion.

Thanks for raising, and for purchasing, and I hope you’re enjoying the book!