Selenium Conf - online 29-30 July 2022

For anyone using Selenium or into software test automation in general, you’ll be interested in Selenium Conf online at the end of July. More info and tickets here:

The Selenium Conference is a non-profit, volunteer-run event presented by members of the Selenium Community. The goal of the conference is to bring together Selenium developers and enthusiasts from around the world to share ideas, socialize, and work together on advancing the present and future success of the project.

This year the conference will be held online with two-days of presentations by Selenium Experts and Practitioners from around the world. The conference will include keynotes and parallel tracks on both Friday and Saturday. There will be pre and post-conference workshops, as well as opportunities to get Selenium advice and tutorials from experts.

There are also 4 additional workshops before and after the conference:

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Keynotes for Selenium Conf 2022 announced!

Sessions from Hannah Pretswell and Anand Bagmar, along with a State of the Union address by Diego Molina and Manoj Kumar plus a Q&A panel with core committers from the Selenium Project team. Don’t miss out! Register today: Selenium Conf 2022 - Conference Registration | ConfEngine - Conference Platform

The Lazy Tester

  • Hannah Pretswell - Test Engineer @ BJSS

Change Tyres In A Moving Car - Make Functional Test Automation Effective

  • Anand Bagmar - Software Quality Evangelist @ Essence of Testing

State of the Union

  • Diego Molina & Manoj Kumar - Core Committers @ the Selenium Project

Q&A with the Selenium Committers Panel - moderated by Pooja Shah

  • David Burns, Diego Molina, Manoj Kumar, Puja Jagani, Sri Harsha & Titus Fortner - Core Committers at the Selenium Project

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