Selenium Conf Lite - FREE online 14 July 2022

Selenium Conf Lite is on in just a few days! It is a short FREE online event on 14 July 6 - 8:30pm (IST) packed with test automation insights. Grab your free ticket before they run out:

With talks from Simon Stewart and other test automation experts and Selenium committers like Diego Molina you won’t want to miss this.

Sessions include:

  • CI with Bazel (Why Selenium Is Using It and You Should Too)
    by Simon Stewart (Creator of WebDriver)

  • The Web has evolved. Has your testing evolved too?
    by Diego Molina (Core Committer @ Selenium Project)

  • Making debugging and test suite maintenance a breeze with Selenium and Nightwatch
    by Praveen Umanath (Sr. Director of Product @ BrowserStack)

  • Continuous Testing at Scale
    by Sudhir Joshi (Head - Customer Success @ LambdaTest)

  • An Introduction to Selenium WebDriver with Python
    by Andrew Knight (Developer Advocate @ Applitools)

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