Seagate's Roadmap: The Path to 120 TB Hard Drives

Seagate recently published its long-term technology roadmap revealing plans to produce ~50 TB hard drives by 2026 and 120+ TB HDDs after 2030. In the coming years, Seagate is set to leverage usage of heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), adopt bit patterned media (BPM) in the long term, and to expand usage of multi-actuator technology (MAT) for high-capacity drives. This is all within the 3.5-inch form factor…

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I do remember a time when having a 20mb hdd (yes, it’s mb, not gb) was a luxury.

That makes me feel old :slight_smile:


It’s crazy isn’t it - imagine where we’ll be 1000 years from now… 100 even :upside_down_face:

Likely escaped in a virtual reality because our planet will be a wreck, and will be ruled by psychopaths. :smiley:

I’d love to have something bigger than the currently best-in-class 18TB disks. I am planning on having a pretty huge storage pool at home and at one point physical space might be a problem.

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:flushed: How much space do you need :rofl:

200TB sounds good as a start but I’m aiming at having 1500-2000TB eventually.

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Hoping SSDs will be cheaper too in the near future :slight_smile:

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I remember when a 5mb hdd, i.e., any hdd, was a luxury! As opposed to two floppy drives, one to hold your program or OS, and one for the data. Getting along with just one floppy was doable but enough of a pain to justify a second one – or cassette tape storage if you just couldn’t afford another floppy.


I know larger HDDs are good, but isn’t backing them up be a problem too?

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I remember the sound when loading a program on zx spectrum from a tape :slight_smile:

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What do you need that for tho :upside_down_face:

Me too! Especially in servers - where they seem to be taking their time coming down in price!

You are showing your age again now Dave :laughing:

And you Koko… though must admit I always thought you were quite young for some reason :blush:

In what way?

Movies and TV shows. I hate streaming. I want to own my media. I am willing to pay more (but pay once) and then own the stuff offline. I am big on that.

But that’s only a small part of it. I am huge on internet archiving. I would be a digital hoarder if I didn’t have to work.


Ah I see. I used to feel similarly, but found that it was extremely rare that I watch something more than once - think that’s even more true now with there being so much choice out there thanks to Netflix, Prime, etc.

I even have Blu Ray disks still wrapped (birthday presents) of some of my favourite films that I haven’t even opened let alone watched :rofl:

My first personal computer was a Compaq Deskpro with Intel Pentium 2 processor, 6 GB of storage and 128 MB of memory. Before that me and my cousins had a shared computer with Pentium 1 processor, and I don’t remember what was the hard drive’s capacity of that computer.

120 TB is 20,000 times bigger than 6 GB.

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Gull, or a 10 meg drive was a $2000 luxury, back in early 1980’s money!

Then again, people need these 120TB drives nowadays to be able to install things like the modern COD’s, lol… ^.^;


I just meant that backing them up of course will take more time. I really don’t know much about this stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


On the plus side of that, I am about to RETIRE! :laughing: Now get off my lawn! :wink: