Scripting Languages of the Future

I’ve been thinking recently about what the future for scripting languages could look like. We’ve had a good run with Python, JavaScript, and Ruby for the last few decades. I wondered, what might the next few decades look like.

What is the scripting language of the future? How should it work? Here are some thoughts.

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Nice article.

IMHO, Python ignoring the browser integration is bad. JS dominated the browser market.


What do you mean KIP? Unfortunately languages didn’t have much choice when it came to browsers - JS was forced upon us by the browser makers :upside_down_face:

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I hope WebAssembly would make a difference in the future.


Yeah, I wonder that too, how WebAssembly will change the way we code in the browsers.

After Js “attacked” the backend development, will Wasm let all the other languages to “counter attack” the front end? :sweat_smile:


I wonder if the scripting languages of the future will come from the past (looking at you elixir/erlang). It will also be interesting to see what paradigms will be used in future languages. A functional language (used properly) will make threaded/parallel scripting a little simpler and powerful.


JS should get back where it belongs, animating balls in the browser.


^^ Fixed :081: