SCADE - Next Generation Mobile Application Development Platform

Just spotted this, and although it doesn’t seem to have had much action since 2018, posting it in case it sees a revival - there’s certainly a call for Swift > Android!

Cross Platform support for Android and iOS

Use Apple Swift to develop, build and deploy for multiple platforms using one single code base.

Compile the Swift source code into high-performance, native code using the Swift compilers for iOS and Android. Supported platforms are:

  • OSX using the blazing fast SCADE simulator
  • iOS simulator and binary (ipk)
  • Android Simulator ARM & x86
  • Android ARM & x86 binary (both 32bit and 64bit) (apk)



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Wonder if somebody compared it with Flutter.


I wish there were more Swift to Android frameworks or tools tbh - I like the idea of learning Swift, not so much the others.

I wonder if @Paradox927 or @dasdom has come across any? :blush:

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I think, if I would start to learn mobile development, I would learn Kotlin right now. When I remember correctly, you can build iOS apps with Kotlin.


Another good contender is Xamarin (it is even getting merged into .NET 6).

C# is a really good language with great tooling (my subjective opinion, I like C# more and more).

C# also can be used to write:

  • cross-platform CLI apps and services
  • crossplatform mobile apps
  • crossplatform gui apps (projects like Avalonia, Uno Platform)
    • MS is working on MAUI which should be crossplatform GUI framework)
  • web backend and frontend
    • Blazor (C# running in WASM) looks interesting, though I thin it is not yet ready to replace JS for me)
    • ASP.NET Core is extremely good, actually one of fastest frameworks out there (according to some benchmarks)
  • Games (Unity framework)
  • Machine Learning (ML.NET)
  • IoT

The only problem is “Microsoft” - as a linux guy I still feel a bit worried/uncertain about MS. Who knows what they decide again.

When C# was still only for Windows, I would never consider it, but nowadays, the benefit of one language and be able to write for so many platforms, it is definitely a strong contender to at least keep an eye on…


Hi, In my point of view that the flutter, Adalo and many more mobile application development platforms . But I recommend you to my experience use Flutter because it has many features to build an mobile app. It has already build code so you can just modify through your projects .


To @stefan.jarina point - Uno Platform is a contender in the mobile application dev. space, and you might even see Uno as an alternate path to the evolution of Xamarin Native.

Uno Platform lets you create pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps that run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web via WebAssembly and while it uses the Xamarin Native (not Forms) stack for mobile and macOS development, it extends its reach to the web through WebAssembly (Wasm) and Linux through Skia. This means any updates to Xamarin (through MAUI and .NET) are carried over to Uno.

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I concur on the Uno Platform, definitely good choice as well.

EDIT: Ah, just saw the ‘Uno Platform Core Team’ :slight_smile: You have a good product, keep it up :slight_smile: