The "Work out what you want to learn next" thread!

Here’s some of the things I want to learn myself - if anyone is interested in the same please say! I’ve really enjoyed the Programming Erlang book club (which I am eager to get back in to!) and am eager to get involved in more of these community focused threads.

  • Want to brush up on modern CSS (perhaps starting with @noelrappin’s Tailwind book as well)
  • Want to check out the modern JS landscape including…
    • TypeScript
    • Svelte
  • Want to finish learning Elixir & Phoenix (specifically the Phoenix book)
  • Want to learn more Erlang (after the Programming Erlang book)
  • Want to learn Rust (already bought @herbert’s book in preparation!)
  • Want to learn Swift but ideally if there was an easy Swift to Android app framework or tool (something like SCADE perhaps)

I’ve probably missed loads out :rofl: